princess skye

A Maiden is Born by Princess Skye

Originally Posted: 2006
Edited: April 13th, 2016

Within each of us, there is a little girl. She is probably hiding now; the world is a big scary place and no one remembers her or cares to make her smile. She has always been there, when we were younger she would smile through our face, or cry through our eyes but one day we cast her aside, when we decided to grow up and locked our dolls away. As Lolita it is possible to once more find this inner child: call her name and she will come. Tempt her with toys and treats and she will once again share her innocent wonder and impish joy.

Thus Lolita must meet her inner child and become one with her. And yet there is more to Lolita then that, the classical Lolita is the young lady who is always correct and proper. She learns the ways of etiquette and carries herself with an air of elegant sophistication. She too is a maiden, but one who knows that growing up a little certainly doesn’t mean you must be any less pretty.

Let us explore this thought – what is a maiden? According to Jung, “The maiden archetype represents purity, innocence, and, in all likelihood, naiveté.” The maiden appears in every good fairy tale, whether she is a princess, maid or lonely child. It is she that leads us through the tales of fantasy, not charging through as the hero but reflecting all that is beautiful in the world through the mirror of her own innocence. Often it is her pure heart that saves her, at all times she is precious, beautiful and chaste and for this, she is loved.

Lolita should relearn some of these old tales, meet again Alice and her curiosity, Odette the swan princess, Cinderella, Snow White, Sleeping Beauty. If she seeks to gain a better understanding, there are older versions of these tales, with the darker aspects left in and much more adult in nature. They can be quite as fascinating as their innocent cousins.

The maiden is delicate, but she is not without her power. If she seeks to follow her heart, she need to merely wish on a shooting star, but may seek out the very thing she desires. The step in which Lolita becomes a Maiden is when she follows that shooting star to see where it lands. For there, her journey begins.

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