princess skye

Beauty for Beauty’s Sake by Princess Skye

Originally Published: 2006
Edited: April 13th, 2016

Of which I speak today is a concept much misunderstood by the people of our time, and indeed, by lolitas themselves. The appreciation of beauty, for no other reason than itself is a pure and soul-lifting thing. It is in our nature to search for the meaning in everything, explanations, analysis – these we do well and thoroughly. We are taught that all things are metaphors, symbols for something else and we dissect things of great beauty, paintings and poems and reduce them to a handful of themes, motives, ideals. This is the way of the Adult. As an Adult we question everything, we seek to understand and in doing this we miss the very greatest element of that which we are assessing, its exquisite, natural beauty.

Children are the greatest appreciators of art, and indeed all forms of Beauty. They can, with purity of mind and joy de vivre gaze upon a thing and smile the smile that says “You are Beautiful and I love you.” It needs no explanation. To recapture this wonder, this joy in the glory of our surroundings is not as difficult as it may seem. When one is tired, lost, down-beaten, soul-hungry, she should not allow herself to think, but to follow her heart to a source of beauty. Be it a rose garden, a church, an antique shop, an art gallery or simply her own small courtyard or rooftop, here she shall pause to fill herself with the delights of thoughtless beauty. It is impossible to describe, the wonder felt at the opening of the first blooms of spring, therefore do not seek to describe it, just feel it with all your senses, let it flood you with wonder, joy, love. If you are cynical, with your heart closed and a wall of bitter humor protecting you you shall fail this, let go of yourself, surrender to beauty and it shall become you.

She who sees Beauty in life will become beautiful in a way no scar nor years can mark.


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