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Creating Beauty by Princess Skye

Originally Published: 2006
Edited for Spelling: April 13th, 2016

For the Lolita who would choose to live as a maiden, expressing her self not only through the decadent attire but through her every little act, it is best to begin with the simple things. When she considers her day, the Lolita may realize there are many things that could be made more beautiful. Why should she surround herself with items that do not flatter her style? Why take part in activities that grant her no inspiration and hinder her imagination? The transformation from within must be reflected on the outside, or she will hide away inside her shell and find no joy in life.

In the past there was a movement towards the beautifying of everyday things, it was thought “why should items be simply practical, when they can be both useful and pleasing to look at?” this was at the time from whence Lolita draws her inspiration and should thus be considered in her own belongings. Where ugly blinds cover her window she may replace with elegant curtains, both block the light, but which is more beautiful? If Lolita does not have the freedom, and often this is the case, to change her home as she wills, she may instead change the things within it. Surrounding herself with items that exude sweetness, femininity and all that she holds dear will indeed make her feel like a princess, in her own castle surrounded by treasures.

How does the young maiden spend her time? When she is free from the duties we all must suffer does she sit mindlessly in front of computer or television? Rather she partakes of activities that reflect her own sense of aesthetics. If she is clever with her hands she may sew, embroider or enjoy the arts and crafts. Otherwise she may prefer to appreciate the creations of others, good music, suitable reading, even a walk in the park allows appreciation of the beauty nature has to offer.


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