princess skye

The Quest for Perfection by Princess Skye

Originally Published: 2006
Edited: April 13th, 2016

One of the hardest and most important lessons Lolita must learn, is the lesson of Perfection. To be perfect is to reach one’s highest ideal. To have every aspect “just so” and yearn for nothing more beautiful, because the most exquisite is already within one’s possession. This search begins with the removal of all things in her life that are “second best” and leave Lolita longing for her true ideal. It may be that old dress, with the black color that she always wanted in white. It may be a method or style of life that is simply habit, but not at all elegant. While she might hold on to it out of sentimentality, this is detrimental, for it causes her to stagnate and brood over that which, in effect, traps her.

Lolita must learn to let go of these things, dresses, treasures, habits and ideas which do not match her own vision of perfection. It is very well to say “but I have always had this” or “I have always done so,” however this only shows a reluctance to move on and seek that shining star. Once one has let go, she will find the true objects of perfection come within her reach, as if by magic she shall entirely forget the old for the new, which truly makes her happy, as the other only left her longing for more. This quest is one of sacrifice, but the reward is ecstasy. The joy that is felt upon living in a state of perfection, surrounded by only that which you deem worthy, and it must always be your standard and not another’s, this state is called bliss.


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