25 Spring Lifestyle Ideas

(image found on daydreamingdiaries on tumblr)
(image found on daydreamingdiaries on tumblr)

Spring is coming, everyone! Since spring was the season I became interested in the princess lifestyle and became seriously interested in lolita, spring is very nostalgia to me. I always lose a bit of my determination to be a princess throughout the winter, but by the time spring comes, I’m always wanting more and more! In honor of the first day of spring, which is in 19 days, I’m giving you lovelies 25 Princess Lifestyle ideas specifically suited to spring!!

1. Go thrifting! Although you’re not going to find a brand-new jumperskirt ready-to-wear with no alterations, there are some items that it is good to look for at thrift stores. I always look for blouses, purses, and shoes.

2. Find a hand fan for when the weather starts to become warm. Not only will it be a pretty prop for pictures, it is also very functional. You can usually find them in antique stores or Asian craft stores.

3. Learn to embroider. Embroidery is a pretty simple hobby that you could take with you to a park or to the beach, and it allows you some pretty nice skills to mend clothes. For instance, have a small hole in a dress, blouse, or sock? Embroider a pattern over it!

4. Adopt a new pet! With spring break and summer vacation coming, you’ll have plenty of time to bond with your new pet. If you want a Victorian-esque pet, get a Fancy Rat! They were a very popular pet for young ladies. (Here’s some more information on the history.)

5. Find some new recipes and start baking. Challenge yourself!

6. Find some etiquette books- either antique or modern- and read through. Some of the advice of the older books are simply fun to read because they are comically particular- but some are quite interesting. You are never too good to touch up your manners.

7. Go for a walk and pick wild flowers. Decorate your home or your hair!

8. Press wild flowers or flowers grown in your garden, then put them into a photo album to admire during long winter days.

9. Sample new teas! They make many teas in spring-like flavors- Celestial Seasonings makes a “Honey Chamomile” flavor that tastes much like apples to me, and Tazo (one of my favorite brands) makes a flavor called “Wild Sweet Orange” that makes a delicious spring and summer drink, either hot or iced.

10. Begin (or continue!) collecting teacups. It’s very fun to be able to invite friends over for tea and have them all use mismatched teacups! You can find them in antique shops and most thrift stores, including Goodwill and Salvation Army. I prefer to buy mine at an antique fair.

11. Flea markets are opening now, so take full advantage! If you’re into a more “pop” look, you’re in luck- I’ve seen many fairy-kei girls come home from flea markets with vintage toys and clothes to add to their collections. Even if you’re a more classic girl like myself, you can find beautiful objects! My best friend loves thrift shopping, and she recently hauled a pair of vintage heels for herself, and a handcrafted teacup and silver jewelry box as a belated Christmas present to me.

12. Find a carnival or a fair to go to. I love fairs for the food and the interesting crafts you always find in fairs around here. Of course, carnivals are cute and nostalgic- a perfect way to spend a spring afternoon!

13. Buy or make a cute romper (not the skirt variety- the short or bloomer variety, like this) and go play in a park, or, if you are comfortable enough, a playground! I love to play on playgrounds to get energy out, have fun with friends, and exercise. However, I am only sixteen, and I understand that some of my older readers wouldn’t be comfortable with this.

14. Have a picnic with a friend or a loved one! I love the idea of picnics, but I’ve never been on one. Kerry and I will be going on several this spring and summer, though, as I thrifted a huge picnic basket!

15. Find some new, cute, spring-y music to listen to! Personally, when I first became a lolita, my idol was Yukari Tamura, and her music always reminds me of happy and perfect springs. The three songs that put me in the mood for spring the most are Daisy Blue, Spring Fever, and Nijiiro no Baloon.

16. Have a Welcome-Back-Spring party! My personal favorite idea is to host it outside (or inside) and play spring-y music, serve fresh fruits and fruit salad and iced tea. Play cute games (Pin the flower on the garden- or, pin the flower in the maiden’s hair!)

17. Buy a light, fresh-smelling candle for your home at night. (Or during the day, if you are so inclined!) I am currently in love with a candle I bought from the brand Illume, which, (I am getting very frustrated because) although I can find the brand online, I cannot find this particular line of candles. Anyway, I found it at Target, and it is called “Quicker Fixers get Inspired Everyday Escapes” and the scent is “Bamboo and Water Lotus with essential oils of Eucalyptus and Corriander”. If this candle is too spicy for some of you, they have a citrus-y scent called “Happiness”, which would be perfect for the summer, and a light floral scent called “Peaceful”, which would be wondrous in the spring.

18. Spring cleaning! Dust everything, vacuum, clean out your drawers, throw out old makeup, etc., and, when the weather is warm enough, put away your winter jacket and any extra blankets you brought out for the cold weather.

19. Make Fresh Fruit Pops for a healthy & light snack that you can indulge in every day without having any unhealthy side-effects.

20. Buy a few new light-colored lip glosses for the spring. To me, nothing looks more cute, innocent, & flirty than light pink lipgloss. Rimmel used to make a gloss I was completely in love with called Royal Gloss, however, it has been discontinued. You may be able to find it online though.

21. Splurge on a new parasol! Whether it be a brand one or offbrand, it’s always great to have a few in your arsenal. (You can find simple ones on Amazon for around $20 including shipping!)

22. Begin any exercise programs you want to begin now. Now is really the last time we have to begin new exercise programs if we want to see results by the summer, which is when most people want to have results- for swimsuit season. Remember not to work yourself too hard, though!

23. Clean out your wardrobe for spring! Weather this means donating old clothes, altering things, or buying new ones, now is the time to do it. Check out EGL Community Sales for some great deals, as many girls are posting up “Spring Cleaning” posts!

24. Start stocking up on sheer or semi-sheer stockings and tights, heels and sandals, and skirts! Now that all of the spring clothes are being released, now is a good time to begin looking around. When spring actually comes, most of the cute items will be sold out or only in the very smallest and very largest sizes.

25. Fall in love (with yourself). So many people I know get depressed and self-hating during the winter months, myself included. You need to love yourself and take care of yourself. You need to be happy with yourself. Get the help you need, either professionally or from friends. Love yourself. And if you ever need anything, you can always come to me, or to my friend Nikki, who runs an advice blog here. She is very good at giving advice and is very open-minded, so don’t feel bad about going to her for advice And you never know- maybe once you begin to love yourself, someone else will, too. ♥

That’s all for now, princesses! I hope you have a lovely weekend, and a lovely last few weeks of winter!

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