Getting into the Princess Lifestyle

(image from unloved-buthappy on tumblr)
(image from unloved-buthappy on tumblr)

1. Don’t get too into it, or if you do, really consider what you’re saying and to whom. When I first got into lolita, I was extremely interested in the lifestyle. I made posts on the Lifestyle Lolita community often and they were never well-received, and if you go back far enough, there is even a post about me on GetOffEGL! Luckily, I didn’t find it then. I can laugh about it now that I don’t take myself or the lifestyle so intensely, but if I had read it then, I would have been crushed.

2. Don’t be afraid to treat yourself. It’s wonderful to be pampered by family, friends, or significant others- but it’s also great to treat yourself. Apply lotion in a scent you like, or scentless if you prefer. Give yourself a facial. Pick or buy yourself flowers. Buy or make yourself little presents with your name or initials or monogram embroidered on them.

3. Brush up on or learn manners. Whether you prefer the vintage manners of “Emily Post’s Etiquette” or the modern style of “From Clueless to Class Act”, reading of and practicing  etiquette always makes me feel more like a princess.

4. Read novels, fairy tales, things you loved as a child. For me, I love a book called “The Princess Academy”. I just finished reading “A Little Princess” and it really refreshed my desire to be prim, proper, and princessly. I’m currently reading “The Secret Garden”.

5. Paint your nails, apply makeup, take time to get closer to your idea of beautiful. Even if your school or work has a uniform, they probably allow minimum makeup, nail polish, or hair accessories. Take some time for yourself.

6. Take baths with a book, by candle-light, with incense, with bubbles, with flower petals… For me, this is pretty much the definition of luxury.

7. Wear things that make you think of luxury. Lace, faux fur, and chiffon are what make me feel happiest.

8. Deco! I love having things decorated with rhinestones, bows, and pearls. It draws attention and keeps me from losing things!

9. Lean new things. Whether you prefer crafting, music, history, or anything else, learn new things! Because of being interested in a lolita lifestyle, I learned how to embroider, sew, and crochet.

10. Make your own “rules” for your life, go your own way. For me, I think princesses and lolitas should try to do their best in absolutely everything they do. However, this may not be your ideal, so do not follow it! Challenge yourself to create an ideal and follow through with creating your own life.


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