Tips for the First Day of School


(photo by mariaooohlala on flickr)

The first day of school, no matter what age you are or what grade you’re in, can be nerve-wrecking. It can be especially difficult as a princess. Read on to see some of my tips for surviving the first day of school- in style.

♥ Practice. Try everything on. Try on your outfit and make sure it fits and doesn’t need to be ironed or mended. Try on your shoes, if they are new, and make sure you can walk in them. Keep in mind practicality- do you have to walk to or from school and are they appropriate for that? You may be okay walking on flat ground, but what about stairs? Try on your circle lenses or false lashes, if you choose to wear them, the day before. Make sure they are comfortable and aren’t irritating at all. You’ll want to be comfortable. For me, this means making sure I can apply my lashes well and that they aren’t so long as to make it uncomfortable with my glasses on.

♥ Be prepared. Going along with the tip above, just in case something goes wrong- bring a contact lens case and/or an eyelash lash case. This may be indispensable if they become irritating. I once had to remove my lashes while on a car ride and didn’t bring the case with me- they ended up spending 24 hours in my glasses case and ended up becoming stuck together, making one big lash!

Make sure your food is ready. Whether this means packing a bento or a bagged lunch, or making sure you have the appropriate money to pay for a school lunch- this is necessary. I prefer to do this the day before so it won’t stress me out in the morning.

♥ Comfort! Is there something you could bring with you to make you feel more at ease? To me, this used to mean bringing a small stuffed toy with me, but now that I’m older, it means a thermos full of tea! I often see the upperclassmen, usually those who drive themselves to school, carrying Dunkin’ Donuts cups with them containing coffee- I, personally, don’t drink coffee, so I prefer to bring a thermos of home-brewed tea. This I do in the morning so it’s fresh.

♥ Practice more!! Have your outfit in mind before you begin this step. Picture it. Now think- how long will it take to do all this? Are you curling or teasing you hair? How long will that take you? What about circle lenses or false lashes? Does your clothing have anything that needs to be laced or otherwise take time to look nice? Make sure you have enough time to do all this with leisure, otherwise it may just become a source of stress for you.

♥ Bring extras. I tend to be over-prepared, so I may not be the best person to take this advice from, but bring extras of anything you may need. For me, this means band-aids (I’m quite clumsy and I would hate to bleed on my clothing, my classmates, or my surroundings. Also, many-a-time have I helped other people by always being prepared!) bobby-pins and hair elastics, and extra pens/pencils. Seriously. You may think two pens is enough, but you never know when you may lose one or someone may borrow one and “forget” to return it. (My policy this year is to just not let people who aren’t close friends borrow my pens. »)

♥ Look Confident. My motto is “Fake it until you make it.” Even if you don’t feel confident, try to look confident. I find that this makes people less likely to bully or pick on me, and also, I find myself more at ease. Walk with good posture. Look ahead, never at your feet. Make eye contact if you want to, but if you don’t want to, just look straight ahead. If you do make eye contact, smile.Yes, even if you don’t know or like the person you’re looking at, and even if you are part of the gothic substyle, you should attempt to make a good impression.

♥ Bring a Planner. This could be an actual agenda, or a school-bought planner, or, as in my case, just a small notebook. As soon as I receive my schedule each year, I copy down my schedule, locker number and combination, and all of the room numbers of my classes into the notebook- this way, if I forget or lose my schedule somewhere, I’ll still have the most important information. Last year, I managed to forget my schedule in my locker. Peculiar thing was, I remembered my locker combination, I just didn’t remember where my locker was! Luckily I was able to find the boy whose locker was next to mine and subtly follow him there in the morning.

The planner will also be helpful for remembering your homework.

♥ Don’t take yourself, or anyone else, too seriously. Laugh. You aren’t the only one who is nervous, don’t worry. If you’ve been in this school before, you can even visit a teacher you like or bond with and explain your nervousness. I, for one, know that I will be visiting my favorite teacher in the morning, just to joke with him about my nerves!  Even if you make mistakes, laugh at yourself. This makes you appear to have a good sense of humor- a necessary skill in the walls of high school, middle school, college, and beyond.

♥ Last but not least, try to enjoy yourself. Even if you are rude, royally screw up, are ungraceful, or any other worry under the sun- the world will go on. So will you. The only thing preventing you from being okay is yourself, so just “go with the flow”, as they say, and move on. Remember- you are beautiful. You are a princess. As long as you think you’re beautiful, no one else’s opinions matter.

Although I could probably write ten or so more tips and ideas, I’m going to save those for future articles. As I mentioned before, my posting schedule is once on Monday and once on Friday, so I’ll see you all in a few days. Have a lovely time at school, if it starts before then or has already started, and enjoy summer if school isn’t starting for you. ♥


One thought on “Tips for the First Day of School

  1. The school year’s not even over yet and I’m already memorizing this. XD This years the first day will be different!

    Thank you for this, I’m officially loving your blog~ >w<

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