The Asset of Beauty

(image found on marggrig on tumblr)
(image found on marggrig on tumblr)

Some people who see princesses think that they are only known for their physical attractiveness, their clothes, their wealth, or other material things. Those of us who follow the lifestyle tend to think otherwise. Princesses have all different assets that make us who we are, and one of them is beauty.

Many think that a girl has to be physically attractive in society’s eyes to be a princess, and this could not be further from the truth. Every princess is beautiful in her own way, no matter what society says. One of the many assets of a princess is knowing and tending her own beauty physically, as in trying to take the best care of her body she can, also trying to look good for herself. A princess’s job is not to look good in the eyes of others, and as long as she believes she is beautiful, nobody can tell her otherwise, no matter how she looks or what she is wearing.

Physical beauty is not the only beauty a princess possesses, however. Princesses should strive to be beautiful mentally as well. This means being compassionate, caring, clever, brave, and many other things, but these are all very different and important assets that deserve to be discussed separately.

However, a princess should not be so vain as to think only of her own beauty. She must also look for the beauty in others, and when necessary, help them see it.

I am sure that any princess above the age of puberty has seen or experienced it herself: A gorgeous, kind, intelligent girl who doubts herself and dislikes herself. It should be a princesses job to help the girl realize her beauty, if it is a friend, or to get the help needed to overcome it, if it is herself.

Think of a person you dislike, be it someone you know, or a public figure, or anyone in between. Now think of something beautiful about that person. Although it may be hard, a princess should be able to recognize and appreciate the beauty in every person.

Beyond the beauty of people, the beauty of nature is very overlooked by newer generations. Take time outside for yourself, whether you prefer sitting in a field and reading, having a picnic, feeding birds, or other demure activities, or hiking, camping, or swimming in the sea. There are a million ways to appreciate nature, and princesses should be able to enjoy at least a few of them.

Princesses should also be able to recognize the beauty of technology. Without technology, chances are, you would not be reading this! Cooking would take hours upon hours, bathing would be simple and not the ceremony many of us tend to make it (and there is nothing wrong with that!) Whether you rely on the most new, up-and-coming technology, or the basics; whether you wish you lived 100 years ago or thrive upon the luxuries of modern life, every princess should be able to appreciate technology as we have it now.

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