My Thoughts on AP’s New Print: Dreamy Baby Room

Angelic Pretty, a popular sweet lolita brand, is going to be releasing a new print soon called “Dreamy Baby Room”. Here are some pictures of it.

It will be available in yellow, sax blue, pink, and black. The main pieces for this print are one-piece, jumperskirt, skirt, and salopette. Accessories are a half-bonnet, headbow, tights, crew-length socks, and a bunny backpack.

My first thoughts on this print were instant dislike. Although there are definitely some more childish prints that I am fond of, prints that channel toddlers are not among those that I like. That is simply a personal preference. I am also not fond of Angelic Pretty’s Dreamy Dollhouse or Toy Parade, or Metamorphose’s Lovely Alphabets.

Metamorphose’s Lovely Alphabets
Angelic Pretty’s Toy Parade

Speaking of Dreamy Dollhouse and Toy Parade, Dreamy Baby Room looks extremely similar to both. I understand that the designers want to incorporate the characters they have already made, such as Lyrical Bunny, the cute elephant and rocking horse, into more prints, and that makes sense.  However, when you incorporate the same characters, the same toys (balls, blocks, etc.) at the border of the print, and scattered all around the upper part of the print, it looks far too similar. I think that the similarity of this print to some of AP’s other prints are a negative aspect of this design.

Furthermore, the designs of the dresses themselves are quite simple. Although I have only seen full pictures of the one-piece, it’s very simple. It’s got custom lace along the hem featuring carousel horses, which, although is a custom-designed lace, is featured on many AP prints and is nothing new or spectacular. It features a yoke on the bodice and two small lines of lace running down. Over all, I think the design is far too simple, especially when paired with such an unoriginal print.

Finally, as I mentioned in the beginning, I personally dislike such childish prints. That is a personal preference, however, one I will mention. With all of the secrets regarding sweet lolita looking like ageplay recently, it seems that many people are not interested in this type of print. For me, having a print that is literally based off of a nursery is just too much.

Also, while the tights are a refreshing addition to this line, I think that the bonnet and short socks are a bad choice. The print is already extremely childish, and a bonnet and short socks will definitely add to the infantile look that this print will bring to a coordinate.

So, in conclusion, my opinion on this print is that it is not one of Angelic Pretty’s best prints. I was so enthralled when they designed Eternal Rose Bouquet, as that made an instant dream dress for me, but this print has disappointed me a bit. However, I will continue to support Angelic Pretty as my favorite brand, despite this release, which I feel will be a miss.

Please keep in mind that the thoughts expressed above were simply my opinion. If you happen to disagree with me and you love this print, then rock it! Feel free to share your opinions below. ♥



3 thoughts on “My Thoughts on AP’s New Print: Dreamy Baby Room

  1. The print is actually what I love so much about it. I can’t help it, I’ve got an obsession with cute baby stuff. I haven’t been able to get anything from the line (yet!), but I’ve been trying. I mainly want the socks/tights because I can wear them more often then a big poofy dress. (To me it’s big and poofy since I don’t wear skirts/dresses very often) I’ll save that for when I’m in LA and no one really seems to care what you’re wearing, because everyone looks weird.

  2. I totally agree with you about this print, and I really like Lovely Alphabet and Toy Parade as well. It just feels really uncreative and blah. It was nice to see AP doing something different for a change, but they sort of just slipped back into pastel baby blobs. I guess there is a much larger trend within Japan that features things like infantile prints and baby rattles and such (I believe the Fairy Kei fashion is very big on this?), so the print is expected to do well enough over there, but it’s probably not going to be very popular at all among the western audiences.

    1. I agree. It will surely do well in the Japanese market.

      And yes, Fairy-kei uses a lot of motifs like rattles and pacifiers, part of the reason I dislike fairy-kei as well, aha! On that subject, I seem to dislike a lot of the fashions that many lolitas seem to be enjoying lately. (Or at least, the fashions I see lolitas trying or reblogging on Tumblr!) Fairy-kei and cult-party kei, and even some mori girl outfits, they’re of course very creative and lovely in their own right, but nothing I’d ever wear, and nothing I particularly enjoy looking at.

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