Singing Competition

Hello everyone! Back in February, I competed in a singing competition held by my school. It was apparently based off of a television show called “Voice” (or “The Voice”?), but I have never seen it, so I don’t know how accurate it is. Anyway, the point is that you sing in front of an audience and three judges facing away from you. (In this case, the judges were teachers- this year it was the music teacher, the theater teacher, and a special education teacher.) The point is that the judges do not know who you are, so they can’t be biased. (although I’m sure the theater teacher, one of my favorites, recognized my voice anyway!) If they like your singing, they turn around to look at you. That’s how they “vote” for you to move on in the competition.

This was my second year performing in the competition, although last year it was based on “American Idol” instead. In any case, I love performing on stage. I am definitely not the best singer, and I don’t find myself talented at all, especially compared to some of the amazing girls and boys in my school, but I have a lot of fun doing it, and I don’t believe that I’m too bad.

The song I chose this year was “How to be a Heartbreaker” by Marina & the Diamonds. I thought it was peppy and high-energy enough, but not too fast.

I love to dress up for performing, so I tried to do my hair and makeup in a style reminiscent of Japanese pop bands, like Morning Musume and AKB48.

My hair & makeup on performance day

Some people on Tumblr and YouTube expressed interest in seeing the video of my performance, and although it took me a very long time to edit and post it, I finally have it! So here is the video, please enjoy it. ♥

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