Moving House

photo found on tumblr, unsure of original source
photo found on tumblr, unsure of original source

Hello everyone! If you can’t guess by the title, I’m moving house. To make a long tale short, this basically means that my posting for the month of May will be sporadic at best. I’m still planning on updating, and I have a few videos to upload, but it will not be updated as much as I will like.

If you want to hear the long-ish story, here it is:

For about three years now, my family, consisting of my mother, stepfather, baby sister, dog and two cats have been living with my paternal grandparents. When the economy crashed, we lost our house and were forced to move home.

Soon after, my great-grandfather, Gus, passed away, leaving my great-grandmother, Shirley, with their large home, in a small town, on a dead-end street. Being the home that they lived in for most of their adult lives, and all of their children were raised in, and even some of their grandchildren, Shirley was reluctent to leave the house. However, after becoming depressed, she moved in with us for the winter. After staving off her depression, she decided to move into the assisted living apartments for elders that is right up the road from us. She found a unit she liked and signed a one-year lease.

We have been thinking about and vaguely planning to move up to what we call “the homestead”, Gus & Shirley’s house, since last summer. We’ve been working on remodeling and fixing up the old home since around November. With Grandmother’s lease ending on the 2nd of June, she decided not to renew her lease, but instead to move in to the house we are currently in, with my grandparents. Although we have lived with all of us together before, having six people and three pets in a three-bedroom home is a bit of a mess.

And so it was decided that we will be moving out of this house, and into the homestead, in mid-May. This means that we have to rush to finish cleaning the house up.

It was built in the late 1800’s, and although it has had some work done to it (a few extensions, including a whole second floor) most of the original work is still intact. Most of the rooms were filled with clutter, save the kitchen, bathroom, one bedroom, and office, which, in their old age, were the only places my great-grandparents frequented. Since there are only four of us, and there are four rooms on the first floor, plus the kitchen, a few closets, bathroom, and a pantry, we decided to only remodel the first floor. The second floor will be remodeled in the future, but for now, it will be blocked off to prevent our cats from getting up there and making a mess. We will also be using it for storage.

The room that used to be the office will soon be my bedroom. The room that was the dining room will be my parents’ office. They both own their own businesses and work primarily from home, so they really need an office. The room that was my great-grandparents’ bedroom, where Gus passed away, will be our living room. I’m not sure what the other room was once, as it is far too decrepit to tell anymore, but the final room will be my parents’ and sister’s bedroom.

We have a lot to do, still- painting three of the rooms (my bedroom is fully painted and beautiful), the hallways and pantry, including Spackeling, install carpeting in the four rooms, a lot of washing and cleaning, plus all of the “regular” moving type-things- setting up cable and internet connections, packing and moving all of our furniture and worldly possessions, etc. We have a lot to do and not much time to do it.

With that being said, I’m curious to know if you guys are interested in any types of videos or posts about the endevour! If you’d like to see anything, please let me know. I was thinking of doing a post with progress pictures- my room here, as it is, then photos of my new bedroom, before and after remodeling. I also wanted to know if you guys were interested in seeing a video room tour, or even a short house tour? If you would like to see both, I will probably do them separately. (A detailed tour of my room, then a short tour of the rest of the home.)

That being said, lovelies, I do have more posts planned, as I said, but my presence will be a bit sparse this month. I hope you all are doing well, and thank you for supporting me!

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