♥ 8 Cute Offbrand Coats for Winter ♥

Winter is coming! ♥
Although I dislike winter as a whole, one thing I cannot resist is adorable winter coats. Many lolitas consider a brand coat a necessity, as they find it hard to find loliable coats elsewhere. However, this poses a problem for many: First, brand coats are expensive, and some girls don’t have the money to spend on a coat. Second, brand coats are made for Japanese winters, which are relatively mild, and those of us who live in colder climates are better off buying an offbrand, warmer coat.

For those reasons, I’ve compiled 8 coats I think are great for winter. They range a variety of prices and warmth, as well as everything from very simple designs to more over-the-top designs.

Writer’s Block Party Coat –  ModCloth – $98 – Link

A simple yet cute burgundy coat. This would be perfect for the autumn-minded classic lolita.

Ladylike Lineage Coat – ModCloth – $125 – Link

The grey heather with elegant lace accents allows this coat versatility. You could easily wear this coat with a dressed up outfit, or a casual outfit, or to work without any hassle.

Roam is Where the Heart Is Coat – ModCloth – $230 – Link

A cute pastel coat with lovely embroidery on the chest, this coat is great for those who prefer a classic-sweet mix. This coat is a bit pricy due to the warmth it provides. This is perfect for those who live in cold climates.

For the Winnipeg Coat – ModCloth – $155 – Link

A very sweet look with faux fur. One of the warmest coats featured in this post, it would blend seamlessly with a sweet lolita’s wardrobe.

Beacon Hill Coat – ModCloth – $103 – Link

This camel-coloured coat with a faux fur collar is perfect for the multitasking girl- easily worn to work or with casual outfits, but also perfect for classic lolita.

Coat with Faux Fur Collar – Dream V – $36 USD – Link

I have been lusting over this coat for almost a year now. Simplistic in design but huge in potential. The various colorways (red, camel, orange, pink beige, baby pink, beige, offwhite, gray, navy, and black) means that it could work with any style of lolita.

Tartan & Fake Fur Coat – DreamV – $30 USD – Link
Another favorite of mine, this sweet tartan coat would easily work for sweet, classic, or gothic lolita due to the different colorways and simple design.

Double-Breasted Wool Coat – Target – $40 – Link

This sweet and warm woolen coat from Target is simple but lovely. I own a coat from this brand and in this fabric from last year in a different design and in the pink colorway, and I must say it is very warm, soft, and comfortable. It is available in camel, pink, and black.

I will personally be purchasing the last coat on this list, and possibly one of the coats from DreamV.

If you’re not quite yet in the winter spirit, I suggest you cozy up with a nice warm drink and listen to Yukari Tamura’s song “Snow Bird”. A bit jazzy and very calming, this song always gets me prepared for the cold weather!

Thank you for reading ♥
Love, Addie

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