♥ Lolita Style – Winter Edition ♥

Being a lolita in any time of year is hard if you live in a location with harsh and changing climates. Living in New England myself, I face relatively hot summers (around 90°F) and relatively cold summers (around -20°F at the coldest) every year. Having a harsh climate means that you need a battle plan so you can continue wearing your frills year-round. Don’t let the weather win!

Instead of adding entirely new main pieces, like dresses, to your wardrobe, most of your outfits can be warmed up with accessories and things added on to them. Of course, some dresses, like those made of lighter fabrics like chiffon may not be the best choice, and fabrics like velvet and corduroy are screaming “cold-weather”, it isn’t necessary to add main pieces. Here’s some tips to winter-ify your wardrobe with some additions.


  • Boots – Finding cute loliable boots doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Check the children’s section for boots in lolita-friendly colors and designs. If you are a size 7 in women’s shoes in the U.S., you are a size 5 in children’s.
  • Coats – Check out my selections for offbrand coats here. In the spring and summer, consider checking the community sales for coats that are priced to sell. In the meantime, you can look for “leaving lolita” sales and check on auction sites.

  • Thick Tights – Finding wool or thick cotton tights this time of year is fairly easy. There are many thick tights in neutral colors at most fashion shops. However, if you’re looking for more unusual colors, check out Sock Dreams. They have a moderate selection of cotton and fleece-lined tights in various colors for fair prices.
  • Collars, Scarves, and tippets – Collars are becoming a very popular item for indie brands and etsy shops to produce and sell. Faux fur keeps the neck warm. Scarves are generally one-size-fits-all, meaning that if you find a cute scarf meant for kids, you can wear it as well.

  • Caplets/Capes – As an item that is pretty much exclusive to lolita at this time, capes, previously known as capelets, may be something you want to buy brand. They are available in many fabrics, from wool to fur to fleece. They keep your neck and shoulders toasty.


  • Muffs and Gloves – These keep your hands warm. A muff is a tube of warm fabric hung from the neck to put the hands in. Gloves are a bit easier to find. If you have several coats, you may want to purchase these in a neutral color that matches all of your coats.

  • Earmuffs – Earmuffs are only really necessary if you do a lot of walking or traveling outside for long time frames. Additionally, if your winters are very cold, earmuffs may be a good choice. They are a great place to add some character to your winter ensemble. Finding cute earmuffs can be difficult to do in physical stores, unless you happen to live near a Daiso store. They also have some online on Bodyline, in the headband section. They make some earmuff-headphone combinations with characters like Hello Kitty on them here, if the cutesy is more your style. Etsy can also be a great resource, and simply searching “cute earmuffs” brought many lolita- and gyaru- specific options.
  • Cold-weather bonnets and hats – Some Etsy designers, such as Shelby Cloud of CuteCandyClouds, have made faux fur bonnets that are both practical and adorable. I also find that the animal hats that have become popular among teenagers can be cute with lolita, when made with high quality and coordinated properly.

  • Berets – Although the warmth of these is debatable depending on how you wear them, they definitely add a wintery look to any coordinate. If worn “properly” and made of a warm fabric, they could be quite useful.

I hope this helps you continue to feel frilled, even when chilled. Stay warm! ♥

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