Too Faced – Joy To the Girls Palette Review

Hello everyone! I recently bought the limited edition Christmas eyeshadow palette from Too Faced – Joy to the Girls. At $46, this palette is a wonderful addition to any lolita or princess’s makeup collection.


Front of the box.
Back of the box.










The box that the palette comes in is a robins’ egg blue color with scattered gold polka dots. Its a bit much for my tastes, but definitely cute. Note that the packaging of this palette and the others of Too Faced’s Christmas collection for this year are a lot different style-wise to their usual look- the bottom front of the box says “Exclusive patterns designed by celebrity decorator Mary Macdonald”.

                                         Closeup of the back of the box.

As you can see, the palette comes with 15 eyeshadows and a full sized mascara. The names of the shadows are all very cute and wintery- my favorite color names are Prancer, Powdered Sugar, and Snow Angel. Considering the price of the palette, each shadow costs around $3, and that’s without including the mascara.
Also, on the back, they show you a pretty accurate depiction of what each shade looks like, so if you’re in a store that doesn’t have a sample for you to swatch, you know what colors are inside. The shimmery colors are given a little sparkle to show their shine.

The palette itself.
The sides of the palette.











The palette itself looks pretty identical to the box it comes in. It is the same size and shape. The sides are a pretty iridescent gold, and has a hot pink pull tab that pulls a magnet, opening the palette.

I find the packaging to be pretty bulky. You would not be able to travel with this palette, so if that’s something that is important to you, consider it.

















Like most of Too Faced’s eyeshadow palettes, Joy to the Girls features three different example looks so you have an idea of where to look. Personally,I can’t see myself wearing any of these looks besides the “Weekday” look, but it’s a nice thought anyway!

As you can see, the shadows are full sized and very large. It would take you a year or two of using a shadow daily to hit pan on it. This adds even more to the value of the palette.


Here’s an overview of the swatches. They are done from top to bottom, left to right as they are placed in the palette. The shadows vary a bit in formula- some are very creamy and pigmented, some are chalky, and some are a bit sheer.

Cookie Dough, Cheers!, Prancer, Sugar Plum, Mulberry, Snow Angel, Powdered Sugar

Cookie Dough is a matte camel brown color perfect for neutral looks and blending. It was pretty milky, and not too pigmented, but not sheer either.

Cheers! is a very creamy pinky champagne color, which is surprising considering how shimmery it is. Very pigmented and lovely.

Prancer is a color that is very difficult to describe. It is a sort of muddled gold color- not as gold as the color Twinkle, and slightly more brown. It was highly pigmented, but also very chalky. It would probably be hard to work with considering that shimmery and chalky would make a lot of fallout. However, it is such a beautiful shade that I believe it would be worth the extra effort.

Sugar Plum appears to be just a shimmery deep brown when panned, but once swatch the “plum” of the name is revealed. It’s a deep sparkly purple. It’s quite creamy and provides an even color and shine.

Mulberry is a matte deep brown that is unbelievably creamy. It’s the perfect color for the crease.

Snow Angel is a slightly sheer matte yellowy cream. The formula is creamy and easy to work with. It would make a great highlight or base.

Powdered Sugar is an incredibly creamy, shimmery pink-toned cream. However, it is next to invisible. It’s very hard to spot even in the swatch! I could imagine using it as a very subtle highlight, or over a matte shade to make it shimmery, but not much else.


Snow Angel is in the upper left corner, then Powdered Sugar, Too-Too, Yule Log, Chestnut, Twinkle, Joy

Too-Too is a pretty, shimmery baby pink color. It’s a bit sheer for my tastes, but it’s got a nice buildable potential. If you layered it a bit, you could easily get an opaque wash out of it. I would describe the formula as milky.

Yule Log is a hyper-shimmery cool-toned brown. The formula is creamy and easy to work with.

Chestnut is a warm-toned shimmery brown. I consider Yule Log and Chestnut to be sisters- the same idea with different undertones. The formulation is a bit chunky and chalky, as you can see, but not unbearable.

Twinkle is a true gold, possibly the most beautiful eyeshadow I’ve seen in my life. It’s metallic, shimmery, creamy and just generally wonderful. I can’t express my love for this shadow enough. Although the color is a bit bold, I believe it could be worn on its own or used in conjunction with other shadows and toned down.

Joy is a pretty shimmery sax blue shade. The formula is nothing amazing, but it is creamy and nice. It’s not overly pigmented, so you could get a sheer wash with a hint of blue if you desired a subtle look.

Chestnut, Twinkle, Joy, Spike the Punch, Chimney, Coal

Spike the Punch is a shimmery peach color. The formulation is creamy, but not quite as pigmented as I was hoping. It would be a great highlight color, but not so good for a lid color.

Chimney is a metallic ash grey color, befitting its name. Creamy and very shimmery. I used to be very fond of using greys and silvers for a cool-toned neutral looks several years ago, and this shade makes me lust for that look again.

Coal is a highly creamy, pigmented matte black. It can be used as a liner, or perhaps if used sparingly as a crease color for a neutral look. Or it could be used in a darker or gothic look.



Overall, I really enjoy this palette. I think it’s beautiful and would be versatile for someone with a versatile wardrobe.

Here are my thoughts compiled:


Packaging: ☆☆☆ – I’m not fond of the bright colors, and the palette is very bulky.

Price: ☆☆☆☆☆ – 15 shadows and a full-sized mascara for $46 is a wonderful deal.

Formulation: ☆☆☆ It’s very hit-and-miss, but most of the shadows are lovely.

Pigmentation: ☆☆☆☆ Also a bit hit-and miss, but only two shades (Powdered Sugar and Spike the Punch) are truly disappointing.

Total: ☆☆☆☆ – Overall lovely quality for a spectacular price. I’m very happy with this palette and can forsee a lot of use coming in the near future.

With that being said, I apologize for the quality of some of these pictures. I just got a new, higher quality camera, but I am still getting used to it, so some of the pictures did not come out as well as I’d like. I will be trying to learn this camera quickly so I can provide more posts soon!

I hope all of you had a wonderful holiday and have a wonderful and safe New Years!


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