The Cost of Lolita

Anybody who has been into lolita can tell you: Lolita is expensive. But still, many new-comers to the fashion don’t quite understand what “expensive” means. Many a time, those of us who have been into the fashion for a while will hear newbies exclaim “That’s so expensive!” and feel a bit shocked. Why, yes, they think, of course it’s expensive. Lolita is expensive. But just how expensive is lolita?

For a long time now, I’ve wanted to make a series about how expensive lolita actually is. I wanted to cover a variety of topics that will help newbies learn what to expect in terms of price when getting into lolitas, and give elder-lolitas tips on expanding their wardrobes.

In this first installment of “The Cost of Lolita”, I wanted to cover the very basics: the clothing. I’ve put together four different sets of small, starter lolita wardrobes from four different places. These sets are just examples, and they would not work in every closet; for example, these sets include coats and long-sleeved blouses, but if you live somewhere that is perpetually warm, you wouldn’t need these things. However, please feel free to use these sets as examples of how much the basics of lolita actually cost.


Set #1: Lavander x White from Angelic Pretty

Angelic Pretty is a popular sweet lolita brand known for its cute designs, high quality and equally high price tag.

Angelic Pretty Lolita Basics

The Items: Petticoat, bloomers, over-the-knee socks, ankle socks, shoes, purse, long-sleeved blouse, headbow, skirt, jumperskirt

The Cost: $1,035 + Shipping


Set #2: Red x White from Baby, the Stars Shine Bright

Baby, the Stars Shine Bright is a highly versatile lolita brand loved by many. It is known for its timeless designs and moderate price.

BABY Lolita Basics

The Items: Petticoat, bloomers, short-sleeved blouse, long-sleeved blouse, shoes, purse, socks, skirt, jumperskirt, hair combs

The Cost: $1, 065 + Shipping

Set #3: Pink x White from Bodyline

Bodyline is a brand that manufactures lolita clothing, among other things. It has decent, but not amazing, quality and a matching price tag. The phrase “you get what you pay for” applies here.

Bodyline Lolita Basics

The Items: Heels, boots, coat, petticoat, bloomers, socks, short-sleeved blouse, long-sleeved blouse, skirt, jumperskirt

The Cost: $401 + Shipping


Set #4: Sax x White from DreamV

DreamV, also known as Yumetenbo, is a Rakuten store that is known among the gyaru community. However, they also make some lolita and loliable clothing and accessories. Their items are surprisingly inexpensive for the quality. While not brand quality, it is on par with Bodyline.

DreamV Lolita Basics
The Items: Boots, shoes, purse, petticoat, socks, coat, short-sleeved blouse, long-sleeved blouse, skirt, jumperskirt.
The Cost: $271 + Shipping
As you can see, there is a clear spectrum to how much a lolita wardrobe costs. Of course, most people don’t have a wardrobe entirely from one brand, and most budding lolitas don’t buy all of their items at one time.
The two high-quality brands here, BABY and Angelic Pretty, seem pretty equally matched, but if you look at the sets, the BABY set contains more items than the Angelic Pretty set does. This means that Angelic Pretty is slightly more expensive than BABY, although they are around the same quality.
The two lower-quality brands here, Bodyline and DreamV, have a very clear price difference. DreamV is a lot less expensive for about the same quality. Personally, I have two pairs of shoes from Bodyline and two pairs from DreamV. The DreamV shoes have lasted longer, are easier to clean, and are more comfortable. The clothing pieces I have from both brands are around the same quality, so, in my opinion and experience, DreamV is a better deal. Keep in mind, however, that shipping from DreamV is usually more expensive than shipping from Bodyline and may take a bit longer (My DreamV orders take about a month, where as my Bodyline orders take about two weeks), but DreamV is still less expensive.
I hope that this has been an interesting read for you, and that it has helped or guided you in some way ♥