❆ Snow Princess ❆

Hello all, first of all I apologize for my absence from the blogging world lately. I’m hoping to have some posts up more regularly! Today, I’m coming with a very short post – a single themed coordinate. Without further ado, I present the Snow Princess coord.

JSK: BABY’S Queen of Snow JSK I in Navy
Blouse: BABY’s Snow Crystal Blouse
Caplet: BABY’s Fur Collar Cape in White
Tights: BABY’s Twinkle Snow Crystal Tights in White x Silver
Shoes: BABY’s Antique Ribbon shoes in Navy
Earrings, Bracelet, Hair pin: Claire’s
Bag: Christmas Stores Smithsfield
I will be the first to admit  that this is not the world’s most innovative coord, since most of the items are from the same brand, and several of the items are from the same set. However, I don’t think every coord needs to be innovative. If you wear lolita several times a week, like I do, every coord will not be intensely interesting or new. Instead, you should focus on coordinates that you like to wear, even if they aren’t particularly interesting. This coordinate is one I would like to wear.
The obvious theme of this coordinate is snowflakes, which is the reason I used three items from the same set. The tights have a snowflake print, and the blouse has snowflake lace that matches the lace on the JSK. I wanted to add the cable knit caplet for an extra warm and cozy feel that is perfect for winter. The shoes tie in the color of the JSK. I also think navy ankle boots would look nice. Although some may think it’s tacky, I personally love shaped bags like this snowflake purse. The snowflake earrings and bracelet were an obvious choice to tie in the theme. Instead of choosing to go with a large or ornate hair accessory, I wanted to go with a simple crystal snowflake hair pin. I imagine this coord being worn with a large fluffy bun hairstyle, warm brown eyeshadow, simple black or brown smokey eyeliner, minimal mascara, light berry-toned lips and a warm bright blush to complete the look.
I hope you enjoy this simple coordinate, and I hope to write again soon!

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