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Welcome, 2015! Lolita Resolutions.


Happy new year, everyone! When a new year begins, many people like to make what is called New Year’s Resolutions – goals that they will try to achieve in the upcoming year. Some people view it as a fresh start and will try to alter their entire lives, and others will make smaller, more achievable goals.

In the past, people have took to making specific lolita New Year’s Resolutions, which center around their wardrobe or their life as a lolita. This year, I’ve decided to make some myself, and to share them with you as inspiration. Feel free to share your lolita resolutions, or even your other resolutions, with me in the comments!

Lolita Wardrobe Resolutions


  • Sell / donate most Bodyline and  offbrand, excluding sentimental pieces.
  • Aquire more brand. Focus on main pieces (jumperskirts, skirts, blouses, cardigans, boleros) and dream items.

    These two are my major lolita resolutions for 2015. Now, I don’t want my readers to infer that I think there’s something wrong with Bodyline or with offbrand, because that is certainly not the case. However, 2015 will mark my 7th year of being a lolita, and up to this point, I’ve had very little brand in my wardrobe. Now that I have the money, I would like to replace my lower quality clothes with higher quality clothes.

  • Sew more handmade pieces. I love to sew and would like to do more of it in the following year.
  • More detailed cardigans and boleros. Up to now, almost all of my cardigans and boleros have been exceedingly plain. I want to take my coordinates to the next level with more detailed pieces. I will accomplish this buy buying more brand cardigans, and / or by decorating cardigans that are already in my wardrobe.
  • More jewelry and accessories. I’ve found that my wardrobe seriously lacks jewelry, and with most coords, I’m only wearing a single ring, one bracelet, and a pair of earrings. It’s very plain, and I’d like to add more variety. Since I already have a lot of earrings and only one set of piercings with which to use them, I’m going to focus on rings, bracelets and necklaces.
  • Add royal blue and more red. I’ve always been fond of a more sweet-classic hybrid, but recently I’ve been craving some jewel tones in my wardrobe. I’ve already started on red with Angelic Pretty’s Loyal Rosette and Baby’s Antoinette Bouquet, but I’d like to add more, and additionally add royal blue.

Lolita Lifestyle Resolutions

  • Attend RuffleCon 2015 with a VIP pass and a hotel room. I attended RuffleCon 2014 this year, with a Saturday-only pass, and drove 2 hours from my home to get there very early in the morning. I had a fantastic time, but I realized that my experience would be immensely improved with a three-day, VIP pass, and by renting a hotel room at the hotel the convention is hosted at.
  • Attend more meetups, in general. It’s shameful to admit, but up to this point in my 6 years of lolita, I’ve only attended one meetup, not including RuffleCon. (Blasphemous!) Originally, it was because I was too young. Then, it was because I had no means of transport, as I couldn’t drive. This year I’m planning on getting my driver’s licence, and my best friend (who is also a lolita!) has her own car, and I take the train to Boston  every day for school, so I really have no excuse (besides anxiety, sometimes) to not attend more meetups. This year, I will make that happen!
  • Write more entries to this blog. According to the archive, I only made 6 posts to this blog in 2014. That both depresses and shames me! I’m sorry for my inactivity, and I could make a world of excuses, but instead of that, I’ll just resolve to do better this year! I’m not going to set myself to a rigorous schedule now, but I am making a goal to post significantly more in 2015.


Those are my lolita resolutions for this year! I’m planning to make a cute poster to hang in my room to remind myself of my resolutions, so I can hold myself accountable!

Happy new year!


3 thoughts on “Welcome, 2015! Lolita Resolutions.

  1. These are all great resolutions! Mine are honestly pretty similar! I need to purge the pieces from my wardrobe that I don’t really think are high quality and finally add some more things I’ve been wanting in the last few years to it!

    Hope to see you at RuffleCon 2015 😀

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