Lolita Blog Carnival ~ My Three Favorite Brands

This week’s Blog Carnival theme is one I was particularly excited for – your three favorite brands, and why they are your favorites. For me, it was very easy to decide my three and express why I liked them, because I have very differing reasons for each brand. For simplicity’s sake, my examples for each… Continue reading Lolita Blog Carnival ~ My Three Favorite Brands

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🌸 Shop Showcase – Stone Flower 🌸

Hello everyone! Today I will be talking about a store I discovered in my home city this past weekend called Stone Flower. While I was exploring the city with friends on Halloween, I noticed across the way a cute boutique that looked very pink and elegant inside. Although one of my roommates was very, very reluctant to go… Continue reading 🌸 Shop Showcase – Stone Flower 🌸