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🌸 Shop Showcase – Stone Flower đŸŒ¸

Hello everyone! Today I will be talking about a store I discovered in my home city this past weekend called Stone Flower. While I was exploring the city with friends on Halloween, I noticed across the way a cute boutique that looked very pink and elegant inside. Although one of my roommates was very, very reluctant to go in, my (favorite) roommate Cassie was all for it. So after a while we went in, and my life was forever changed.


Shop Information

Name: Stone Flower

Location: Faneuil Hall in Boston

Warning: The post below is very photo-heavy! As always, please click the photos to see them full-size.

The decor you see when you first walk into the shop. (Also, my roommates!)

The layout of the store is as follows:
When you first walk into the store, you are confronted by a center aisle, pictured above, with a table full of hairbows (pictured below) and then one double-sided display rack of head bands. Behind this is the staircase to the second floor. On the left and right of the door, at this time of year, are stands full of cute and warm hats and earmuffs. I assume that these would display different things at a different time of year. Then, on the left wall are many, many lighted jewelry cases. Also, at about waist-height on both walls are opened drawers. The drawers on the left contain gloves – mostly fingerless, from what I could tell. On the right wall, pre-staircase, were more hats. There were hats on mannequin heads on the shelves on the wall, and then more hats in the drawers.

Floor One

This was the first thing I saw when I walked into the store. It is tons of bins of tiny hairbows. They were super cute, had a variety of designs, and were very well made.
This was the first thing I saw when I walked into the store. It is tons of bins of tiny hairbows. They were super cute, had a variety of designs, and were very well made.

IMG_1678 IMG_1679

I was so excited when I saw all of the cute hair accessories upon walking into the store – but then I immediately became concerned about quality. Since I am a seamstress myself, and am very capable of making all sorts of hair accessories, I rarely can be influenced to buy them. But, much to my surprise, upon inspecting several sets of hair bows, I found out that they were very high quality. They used good, thick fabrics, high quality rhinestones and buttons, and my personal favorite – alligator-style hair clips. It is a pet peeve of mine when hair bows use cheap, non-gripping clips. Alligator-style clips work best in my hair, and are much less likely to fall out and get lost, in my opinion.

One of the four display racks for headbands. Like the small hair clips, they are all very well made and use high-quality materials.
One of the four display racks for headbands. Like the small hair clips, they are all very well made and use high-quality materials.

IMG_1671 IMG_1672 IMG_1673

Above are a selection of some of my favorite hair bands from the hundreds they had on display on the first floor of the shop. All of their hair accessories come in two categories – “decorated” and “undecorated”. From what I understand, “decorated” accessories are ones that feature buttons or rhinestones, and “undecorated” accessories use plain fabric.

A table of very sparkly, shiny hair accessories.
A table of very sparkly, shiny hair accessories.
More hair accessories and some jewelry. This shelf is directly right of the entrance to the store.
More hair accessories and some jewelry. This shelf is directly right of the entrance to the store.

IMG_1666 IMG_1667 IMG_1668

Above are some of the many types of jewelry they have on display. Since both the right and left walls of the shop are covered in jewelry, there is a lot to choose from! You can also see the pricing for some of the necklaces above – around $20 to $24 per necklace. Most of them are made of sterling silver, and come in cute gift boxes. To me, the prices seem fair and on-par with what I have seen in other popular shops (like Claire’s or The Icing) for sterling silver pieces.

Naval Rings
Naval Rings

One thing I was pleasantly surprised by was their (albeit small) collection of belly rings. I have been considering getting a naval piercing for some time now, and was excited to find cute options for jewelry in Stone Flower. According to their website, all of their naval rings are made of surgical steel, meaning they are safe for new piercings.

To the left of this display was a small wall display that sold individual, colored hair bands. These are fantastic if you are a person that likes to match your hair elastics to your outfits. I was particularly thrilled by the pink, silver and light blue glittery hair bands.
All of the things I have showcased so far have been from the first floor of the shop, in front of the staircase. At about level with the staircase, on either side are as follows:

My favorite purse
My favorite purse

On the left of the staircase was a display of keychains and dolls. There was a large variety in the type and style of the dolls – in this photo you can see some monster-like keychains, some that resemble classic voodoo dolls, some of LINE characters, and some very classic-looking floral animals. Both Cassie and I fell in love with the pink floral rabbit keychain near the top.

On the right was more jewelry on the wall, and a rack of purses next to the staircase. Unfortunately I didn’t think to take a picture of the display itself, so instead enjoy a photo of my favorite purse from the lot. (And also my cheap, tacky wristcuff that was part of my Halloween costume, ha!)


In the back of the store, behind the staircase was the cashier’s counter and some clearance / sales items. Pictured above are some of the sale hair accessories and earrings.


On the far left in the back, right next to the cashier’s table was this selection of large hair pieces. Like the rest of their accessories, these are all very high quality and well-made. I loved the little crown lips in the back and the rose canotiers on the left.


On the far right in the back was a wall of stationary. Unfortunately I forgot to get a picture of the rest of the stationary they had available – but to give you an idea, they had various sized and a multitude of designs of elegant journals, notepads, and notebooks, as well as all of these adorable pens and pen sets.

Tiaras and Masks
Tiaras and Masks

Another thing I was thrilled to find was a small selection of tiaras and masquerade masks. Although you can find things like this in accessory shops like Claire’s or Charming Charlie, they tend to be either poorly made, overpriced, or both. The tiaras in Stone Flower seem to be higher quality than what I have bought before from accessory shops (namely Claire’s), however I could not get a closer look at the masks because the shelf was too tall for me to reach.

Also not pictured are the things near the cashier’s table – including some hand cream/skin care products, jars of cookies, posters, and jewelry stands.

Floor 2

The second floor of the shop is full of clothes. It’s also full of more super-sweet decor that I took photos of! Let’s get to that first.


Here is the top of the staircase, a big lampshade-type decorative item and a beautiful, big chandelier. You can also see the dressing rooms from afar.


Here is the view of two of the dressing rooms up close. This is what you see to you far right when you walk up the staircase. Also, you can see some of the hats in their winter collection!


Here is a cute, full-length standing mirror that was on the other side of the room. Cassie was super excited about it and said she “needed” it, which is funny because the two of us are notorious for owning way too many mirrors.

IMG_1650 IMG_1651

Above is the selection of cardigans, which is on the wall to your right when you enter the store. This was my first taste of the clothing in the store, and I was very excited to see it. The cardigans are all cutely designed and made of warm and soft material. At first I worried that maybe their clothing was just over-priced Taobao resales, but upon closer observation, it appears that either the items are made for the brand, or in the least they have been re-tagged with the Stone Flower label.

Pastel cardigans
Pastel cardigans

Here are more cutesy, pastel cardigans. Some of them have heart embossing – a design which I’ve seen several brands use before and have always wanted to own myself. All of their cardigans are around $40~$50, which is about what I would expect to pay for a brand cardigan secondhand anyway, plus the high quality of the material and the ability to try on the clothes beforehand make these cardigans a viable alternative to brand.



There are a few of my favorite dresses featured in the store. There were many, many more dresses. They are all sorted by color scheme. There was a large variety of themes and materials – while some dresses had a 50’s pinup vibe, others had a luxurious, glamourous feel, and still others had a distinctly feminine, princessy look. The ones I looked at were all around $50~$60.

One complaint I have is that out of the dresses I looked at, all of them were listed as “free size” – meaning they only come in one size. Although most of them featured shirring, if you are much smaller or much larger than the “average” size, you will likely have a hard time finding a suitable dress here.


While dresses have walls and walls dedicated to them, the skirts are limited to just this one section. Even so, there is still a large variety in the designs of the skirts. I should note now that behind the skirts on the front of each display are other skirts of other designs. The dresses were the same way – generally there were only one or two of each design displayed on the walls. As such, you have to do a lot of browsing and looking behind the front items in order to see other designs.

On the far right you can see some shorts and tops. I will note now that throughout the whole shop, I didn’t see any pants, tights, or leggings. I also saw very few blouses or shirts in comparison to the amount of dresses, cardigans and skirts. This doesn’t bother me much, as my wardrobe is overflowing with tops and severely lacking in skirts – but for other people, this may be less than ideal.

I didn’t manage to get a good photo, but in the center of the room, behind the staircase, is several racks of coats of various designs. Once again, I imagine that at a different time of year, this area would display different things. I definitely plan to come back in other seasons to see what the store is like without all the cold-weather gear!

Dish cloths
Apron overview (and another customer's bag)
Apron overview (and another customer’s bag)

In the middle of the sea of dresses, there was half of a wall section dedicated to dish cloths, and above those (unfortunately not pictured). They are all made of, once again, high-quality fabric, and are well-made. The oven mitts are fully interfaced and lined, meaning they can stand up to frequent use without becoming damaged.

On the far right of the room was a display of aprons. They came in many designs, and like their dresses, they cater to a variety of styles. There were super-sweet designs, like the yellow one above, and more classical designs, like my two favorites, pictured below.

My two favorite aprons. Although I don't need any more aprons, I really want to buy these!
My two favorite aprons. Although I don’t need any more aprons, I really want to buy these!

Another thing that I didn’t manage to take photos of was most of the left wall of the second floor. (I was so overcome by the aprons that I didn’t think to take photos of the other things on this wall!) There was a comparatively small display of blouses and tops, as well as a big display of socks. Almost all of the socks were character crew socks, with LINE characters, Minions, and some cute generic animals. I was surprised that they didn’t seem to stock plain socks or tights to coordinate with their clothing.


As we come to the end of my photos, I would like to point out the adorable packaging and displays that this shop has. Above is a photo of the back of the tags used on their clothing items. The front of the tag features a cute bow design as well. Also, if you hadn’t noticed, all of the clothing is displayed on lovely pearl hangers. This shop gave me serious closet envy! It inspires me so much to be better at achieving my ideal lifestyle.

Overall Thoughts

Like any store, this shop has its pros and its cons. I love to make lists, so here is a small list of my personal pros and cons for this shop:


  • Variety of designs of clothing. Something for everyone, style-wise.
  • High-quality materials and great construction.
  • Fair pricing for the quality of the items.
  • The physical store has a lot of promotions and deals (BOGO type deals, mostly) that the online store does not have. Also the physical store has a lot of items for sale that are not listed on the online shop. This makes it worth going into the physical store.
  • Very convenient location.
  • Fantastic lighting, music choice and overall atmosphere. During the 30 or so minutes I was there, I heard J-pop, popular American music, and some songs I had never heard. But overall all of the music fit the theme.
  • Variety of products – from clothing and accessories to lifestyle goods.


  • Very limited sizes of garments. Every garment I checked the size of (which admittedly was not very many) was listed as “free size”, meaning there is only one size available.
  • No shoes, tights, etc. – although you can find almost everything needed for a coordinate in the shop, you would have to go elsewhere for shoes and legwear.
  • Somewhat unfriendly staff – out of the three ladies I spoke to over the course of my visit, one of them was polite, but the other two were quite snarky and rude. This did somewhat detract from the overall shopping experience.

Overall, I will definitely be returning to the store. (I may already have plans to go back next week…) Even though I didn’t buy anything during my first visit, I left the shop feeling incredibly happy and inspired. Seeing so many cute products gave me motivation to work even harder on my lifestyle. If you are in the Boston area and have a chance, I highly recommend you take a visit to Stone Flower.


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