About Me

Princess Addison Sebastienne was born on October 22nd, 1995. She is currently 19 years of age. She possesses hazel eyes and brown hair, and stands at exactly five feet tall. Her heritage is questionable; however, she has relatives from Canada and Holland. Her mother language is English. Her home family consists of mother, stepfather, and young sister. She also has a father, stepmother, and young brother who live across the country.


She excels and greatly enjoys her studies. She is skilled in mathematics, English writing and Literature, history, and foreign language. She currently attends college in Boston and is aiming for a degree in English, with a minor in Japanese.

In her free time, she enjoys watching films, singing, sewing, studying, playing video games, searching for antiques, writing, and playing with her beloved feline companion. She collects antique teacups, and is particularly fond of Royal Albert. She adores nature of all sorts- swimming in the ocean, picnics in the forest, hiking, sailing and picking wildflowers.

She has one beloved pet as of now- her Maine Coon Ichiban. Ichi is a playful and devilish feline who loves to cause havoc, but is very sweet to the princess. She looks quite beautiful and magestic in photos due to her lovely orange coat, fluffy fur and shining yellow eyes. She is also quite protective of her owner, and will attack anyone she senses as a threat to the princess. As of May 2015, Ichi is seven years of age.


The princess has been wearing lolita fashion for six years now, and does not plan on leaving it. She enjoys everything about the fashion- the lifestyle, the community, and of course, the clothing. She has been participating in a princess lifestyle for the same amount of time.

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Although the princess has a small physique, she has a big heart and very big dreams.


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