Aikatsu! Abridged Episodes List ~ OG Aikatsu! Cheat Sheet

Because I love Aikatsu! so much, I want more people to watch it. But because of how long the original series is, it can definitely seem daunting to watch. So, I spent a few weeks and a lot of careful consideration into making an abridged episodes list that cuts down as much filler as possible,… Continue reading Aikatsu! Abridged Episodes List ~ OG Aikatsu! Cheat Sheet

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Beyond Polish Review 🍁 Autumn Essie Haul

Hello everyone! I apologize for my long absence. Perhaps I will make another post explaining the reason, but I suspect those of you who follow my Tumblr already know! Regardless, I am going to try to get back to a regular posting schedule. Wish me luck! Today, I am bringing you a review of a… Continue reading Beyond Polish Review 🍁 Autumn Essie Haul

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List-Making Challenge – April 2016

Long, long ago, in a land far away… just kidding. Almost seven years ago now, I discovered a blog called The Princess Portal, run by someone I still idolize today, called Princess Skye. Skye dedicated her blog and a part of her life to teaching others how to be a princess. I have long aspired… Continue reading List-Making Challenge – April 2016

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🌸 Chinatown Grocery Mini-haul πŸŒΈ

Hello everyone! Today’s post is going to be a little bit different from my normal content. I really want to get into the habit of posting more often, and that will sometimes mean more lifestyle posts like this one. Please let me know if you like or dislike this kind of post, and I will… Continue reading 🌸 Chinatown Grocery Mini-haul πŸŒΈ